iOS Freelancer Diaries #3

It has been almost 3 months since my last freelance diary entry 😮. Here is a quick run through of how everything has been going…

Asking For Advice

Around the beginning of February I was feeling a bit deflated and started to have some doubts:

  • Is there something wrong with my portfolio?
  • Is my price too high/low?
  • Are my introduction emails terrible?
  • Why do all recruiters want me to work on site? Maybe remote isn’t going to work?

I knew getting my first client was going to be hard, but I was really hoping to have my first one by the start of February.

I decided to email a few UK based iOS freelancers and basically ask them for some advice on getting work. I have to say, the responses were awesome. They settled my doubts and also said that they would forward me any projects they couldn’t take on!

Side Projects


February 15th

I started my first project on February 15th. It was only a small 5 day project but it was a good start and helped extend my runway by about a month.

  • Project Source: Referral


February 28th

This was when things felt like they really started coming together. I was contacted by an awesome studio based in Northern Ireland who wanted ongoing help with various projects. This really helped in giving me a solid, predictable foundation for the future.

  • Project Source: Direct


March 24th

Towards the end of March I started my first “built from scratch” project. These are the kind of projects I love to work on. I’m looking forward to sharing this soon.

  • Project Source: Referral (from one of the freelancers mentioned above, thanks!)
  • Estimated time: 3 weeks


April 10th

A small MVP project.


My target turnover for the year is £60,000, meaning I need to hit a minimum of £5,000 a month. So far my turnover is £11,654 meaning I’m currently short by £8,346. Since I didn’t have a client from the start, this was always going to be the case so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself.