Day in the Life of a Freelance iOS Developer

I’ve always found these type of posts interesting to read, so I figured I’d write my own…

I have a fairly structured day. I find that keeping to a routine really helps me focus. I can feel lost without it.



I like to wake up early. Mornings are definitely my most productive time.

My day starts off with breakfast, a shower and then I take the Poppy out for a walk. On average, the walk lasts around 45 minutes, though this depends on how many other dogs we meet on our way (Poppy likes to play with all of them).

Once we get home, I feed Poppy and make myself a coffee. My current brew method of choice is a Chemex.


This is when I start the first “block” of client work. 

For client projects I prefer to work in half day blocks. I respect my clients money and feel that if I’m jumping between projects/chores/phone calls and doing the odd couple of hours here and there, then I don’t feel they’re getting their moneys worth. I like to feel engrossed in a project which is why I also choose them carefully.



Around 10:30am I usually take a break. My fiancé is currently back from university for the summer so I go and hang out with her and have my second breakfast of the day 🥐


When whatever I’m currently working on comes to a natural end, I break for Lunch. Either I’ll cook or reheat left overs from the evening before.



Once finished lunch, I’ll make a tea and continue the second block of client work.



I usually finish the day around 4. I’ll then reply to any emails and contact any potential leads for new projects. I also update my draft invoices. I don’t use any time tracking apps, I simply have draft invoices that I then add half or full day line items too.