I’ve worked with many companies over the years. The companies that work really well (remote or not) and can do a lot with a little (money and people) are the ones that document well.

By documentation, I mean asynchronous communication with your team:

  • Daily stand-ups. (the written type, not the “let’s disturb everyone to have a call” type)
  • Bug reports
  • Bug report updates
  • Labelling in Sketch files
  • Product roadmap
  • New feature ideas/research
  • Employee handbook
  • Shared password manager
  • Deployment logs
  • Commit messages
  • etc…

Writing documentation can be seen as a waste of time or money, however I have yet to see a instance where it has not made an improvement.

Next time someone interupts you by tapping you on the shoulder or @’ing you in Slack it might be worth making that knowledge more accessible.