Coinbase Swift SDK v1.2

Coinbase Swift SDK v1.2 has been released! A full list of changes can be found in the changelog but here are the main updates:

Token Swap Service

To remove the need to embed the oAuth secret key with the application, the SDK now requires a token swap service for the authorization flow. I have open sourced a token swap service that has a convenient Heroku deploy button so anyone can have a token swap service in a couple of clicks!

Fetch Auth Information

The API client has a new fuction that lets you query the user’s auth information (docs).

public func fetchAuthInformation(_ completionHandler: @escaping (_ authInformation: AuthInformation?, _ errors: [Error]?) -> Void)

This also introduces a couple of new objects:

  • AuthInformation
  • AuthMetadata

I also updated the Auth object’s scopes values to be Scope objects rather than strings.