2018 - Year In Review

Token Unplash Photo - by NordWood Themes / Unsplash

I’m now reaching the end of my second year freelancing and it’s been pretty much non stop.

You can check out my 2017 year in review here.


2017 left me with a nice long term retainer with a client that I still have today. I’m finding the perfect project combination for me is one large project plus one, maybe two, small projects or a side project. This works well because the large project can provide you with predictable income and generally be an awesome project that you can show off when it’s complete. The small projects will help you extend your “network” (word of mouth has become my best source of new projects) and, for me, help improve the way I try to sell my services (practice makes perfect!).

Compared to last year, where I worked with 8 different clients, this year I have worked with 5 different clients with the largest providing 75% of my turnover. Having one client make up 75% of my turnover is probably not the safest thing but to help counteract this I have made sure to put extra money into the rainy day fund.

Side Projects

Along with my open source projects (listed below) I’ve also worked with Hector on xPal; a tool for generating Xcode color asset catalogs from a Sketch file and Quids; which we brought back to life to be a Cryptocurrency manager.


This has become a lot more organised since last year. Once I’ve paid myself, put some aside for tax and put some in the rainy day fund, the rest is then distributed to 4 buckets:

  1. Pension
  2. Zopa
  3. Funding Circle
  4. Bricklane

2018 Goals & Results

£75,000 turnover 👍

Having got married in the middle of the year and then taking a month off I was unsure if this was going to be possible but amazingly as of today Freeagent is reporting my 12 month turnover as ~£110,000 🥳

Experiment with 4 day work week 👍

This actually worked really well. I only started doing it around the summer (I think) but it allowed to work on side projects and grow the business.

Sign with another client that is focussed on cryptocurrency 👎

Definitely a nice to have goal but it didn’t really come close to happening, I really didn’t put enough time and effort into getting this done.

Open source some of my libraries that I use everyday 👍

Really happy I was able to get back into doing open source. Over the year I released these projects:

100 paying Forecast customers 👎

Currently Forecast has 11 paying customers. I was super focussed on improving my freelance business that Forecast had to take a backseat.

Four Pints In Sponsorship 👍

Not a cash sponsor but I guess we technically hit this goal as Absolute Music provided us with audio equipment.

2019 Goals

  • £125,000 turnover.
  • Increase high quality incoming leads.
  • Improve on-boarding flow for new clients.
  • Release Quids.