Telegram Bot Builder

TLDR; Introducing Telegram Bot Builder

I've built a few Telegram bots recently using Zapier and Chatfuel.

Chatfuel used to work pretty well, though it always felt like Telegram was an after thought (just look at their homepage). Recently it stopped letting me create new bots. After asking support they said they had no ETA on fixing the issue. Two weeks later I gave up waiting and built T elegram Bot Builder; A more versatile Chatfuel.

Crypto Telegram Bot

All the Telegram crypto price tracker bots really suck, so I had a little play around with the bot API this evening and have managed to throw together something simple but useful (I think!)...

To use the bot either visit here or search for the user @CryptoPriceTrackerBot.

Then just type:

/[currency code] e.g. /xrp, /btc, /ltc

Thanks to KC for letting me use his face for the icon.