Forecast - Clients

The more clients I work with, the harder it is to get a gist of the contributions each client makes to my yearly turnover. It can also be surprising when you find out a project that exhausts and drains you is only contributing 5% of your annual turnover.

Having this kind of information is really powerful when organising your workload and deciding which clients to drop and which to keep.

We have just rolled out new Clients feature which helps you with these decisions. In Forecast there is a new “Clients” tab which simple displays a easily digestible summary of all your clients for the last 12 months along with your income from each client and the overall percentage. Forecast will also highlight any client that accounts for over 35% of your income (don’t put all your eggs in one basket!).

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Introducing Forecast

Since I started freelancing earlier this year, my most valuable metric has been how much runway I have left (or "how long before I need to get a real job").

I use FreeAgent for all my finances. It’s a great tool, but it’s more about showing you your balance sheets and capital assets rather than the bigger picture.

So, I looked into forecasting software and found the likes of Float and Dryrun both of which look great... for large companies. I felt like I needed an accounting department just to get any value from them.

It's for this reason that I'm very happy to announce my latest project: Forecast.

Forecast is a bullshit-free forecasting service for freelancers. It’s built on one key principle: no additional input from you is required.

To me, being a freelancer is all about the flexibility and the freedom to work on the things you enjoy. You should be too busy working on your projects or having fun outside of work, not babysitting another finance system. Once you've connected your FreeAgent account, that's it! It just works.

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